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Admissions Guidelines (related: Admissions Process)   Admissions The childrens program at Mercy's Door generally admits troubled children with mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems, such as depression, anxiety, oppositional/defiant behavior, lying, stealing, school conduct problems, academic underachievement, poor social skills, issues related to past abuse, poor anger management, poor self-image, etc. Children and teens exhibiting more at risk behavior or severe problems will be evaluated on an individual basis   Child -Girls and Boys, 6-16 at the time of admission. -Minimum I.Q. of 70. Must be able to participate and function in public school or public alternative school. -No recent suicidal or homicidal behaviors. -No current drug or alcohol dependencies. -No history of sexually offending behavior or sexual perpetration. -Youth referred from Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice are eligible, but considered on a case-by-case basis.   Parent/Guardian -Family involvement is encouraged but not a must. If potential for reunification, it is in the child and parents best interest to be involved in their childs stay while at Mercy, to participate in counseling and parent-support group sessions. -Child must have health insurance. For Admission forms or more information contact our social worker at: (706) 277-4883