“History does not make itself we make history.”

Dear Friends and Family:

A house is an icon for the American Family. A house with a white picket fence is the American dream. What happens inside the American icon makes a house a home. Mom is in the kitchen cooking apple pie when her children and husband return home. Or so that was the setting 5 generations ago.

Today the American icon has been destroyed by selfish pride, high divorce rates, low high school graduation numbers, teen pregnancies, and drug and alcohol addictions. At Mercy we see these issues first hand everyday and we are all left picking up the pieces of the children within this broken icon. Mistakes are bound to be repeated unless we learn from our past and move forward in a different direction for our future. Some would say that this generation is apathetic and disrespectful. We say, yes they are, and we must start now in this generation to fix the future generations so they will not be broken on the inside from our selfishness, not theirs.

Mercy is here to restore the family unit and help heal the broken pieces of this generation. We can’t do this alone we need the help of moms, dads, teachers, business men, grandparents, guardians, counselors and ministers to join with us to see a change.

We appreciate you taking the time to browse around on our site and see all the wonderful things that God is doing. You will read testimonials of children and see how they are growing and changing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Thank you again for all of your support, interest in our mission and our children. We could not change the next generation with out you.

Randall and Paula Malone

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