At Mercy’s Door we strive to show excellent character qualities to our children. Our children learn by sight and example.

Is Character something we are born with? Is it in our DNA? Or is it learned and encouraged? The Greek word for character is a word that means “to engrave, to cut, to mark, or to scrape.” Hence, the implication seems to mean that character cannot develop without repeated striking.

Mercy’s Door believes in showing mercy, but mercy that carefully and cautiously loves our children through their circumstances and consequences while creating stability in their lives.

Mercy’s Door has taken from several different sources of behavior modification plans and integrated them into what we call The Family Character Building Level System. Each child who enters the placement comes to Mercy’s Door on Level A. Through the development of various character qualities and skills, they are able to “Level Up” and achieve additional privileges in the home and community. This allows the children to be rewarded for positive behavior, rather than only disciplining negative behaviors. While teaching them the important character qualities below, they also learn important information, such as their social security numbers, nutritional skills, and personalized goals that they have helped create.

Monthly character qualities

Each month the children are introduced to a character trait which (s)he can earn RAK chips (Random acts of Kindness) for memorizing or displaying examples of that character trait. The child also earns reward tokens for good behaviors. The RAK chips and reward tokens are turned into money each month at our Family Strengthening Meeting and all Random Acts of Kindness that took place by each child are announced to the children for reinforcement of the character trait of the month. Special rewards are given to the child who earned the most RAK chips. Mercy’s Door believes that discipline must be reinforced in a positive means to steer a child in the right direction in order to encourage, coach, and most importantly, model character traits and good habits in their lives.

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