From MD Founder, Carl Malone:
Mercy’s Door Children’s Homes has established homes for children and is incorporated in the State of Georgia as a 501(c)(3) Corporation. In 2004, my daughter-in-law, Paula, came to me with a dream to serve foster youth in our community. We set forth to accomplish this dream together.

As a child, Paula’s father came to her one morning, huddling her and her brothers together to tell them that their mother had been murdered. After losing her mother in this horrendous way, a desire was birthed in her to bring healing and comfort to the children she would encounter years later. These circumstances helped her understand the pain of losing the one that is suppose to be there in life, to comfort you when you cry, laugh with you on your prom night and nurture you on your wedding day.

Paula learned that God is the only one who can fill the void of a lost parent. After years of blaming herself for her parents’ mistakes, she chose to take hold of her life and let God work all things for her good. She chose to make meaning out of her circumstances by pouring herself into the children of Mercy’s Door. I cannot count the number of times I have seen her show great compassion to our children. I have learned that every trouble we go through gives us a greater capacity to share our related feelings and experiences with the children we serve in our homes. Paula’s personal experiences have allowed her to give our children mercy and a safe place to heal.

We dedicate these homes in the memory of Lorene Hyatt, Paula’s mother.

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