Become a Mentor

One of the most important volunteer programs we offer at Mercy’s Door is our Mentoring Program. As a mentor, you would volunteer your time twice a month to spend time with a child. You would be a part of the important village it takes to raise each child by playing a direct role in his or her life. Your organization can also become involved by having group meetings such as Bible studies, art projects, or just shooting some hoops with the children. If you would like to volunteer your time mentoring, we have applications at our Dalton office. Please call and we can help you get started on your mentorship application; 706-277-4883.

Relief Parenting Program

Each month our house parents get one weekend off to recharge, rest and prioritize self-care. During this time, we rely on volunteers who are willing to help us take care of our children. Relief parenting involves coming to the homes one weekend from Friday evening until Sunday evening every third month. Relief parents provide time off for the house parents by actually “moving in” for the weekend. If you would like more information about becoming a Relief Parent for the boy’s or girl’s homes, please call Paula Malone at (706) 277-4883.

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