Mercy’s Door Wins Color for a Cause… Again!

Every year, Walnut Square Mall hosts an annual event to support important causes in the region. This year’s Color for a Cause hosted ten different organizations that came together to bring awareness to their important causes.

Each team received a massive coloring mural with their organizations name in the middle. The teams set to work coloring! After the allotted time, the judges placed their votes for the most colorful and collaborative mural. The moment was exciting and tense, as the children of Mercy’s Door waited anxiously to see if they would follow up their previous year’s win with another success! When Mercy’s Door was announced as the judges choice, the children shouted in excitement and proceeded to accept the $250 donation to Mercy’s Door.

Congratulations to the children of Mercy’s Door for winning this fun-filled and colorful event two years in a row!

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