FACILITY: Mercys Door I, II, or III

Definition: The primary responsibility of the Relief House Parent is to temporarily oversee the operation, labor, and management of the home under the instruction of the live-in House Parent.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Temporarily oversee the operation, labor, and management of the house, and maintain a daily log on each resident, indicating both progress and problems.
2. Report any problems, progress, and/or pertinent information to House Parents.
3. Assist with educational homework programs for each child as necessary.
4. Accompany residents to medical appointments and field trips if necessary.
5. Follow menus as instructed by House Parent
6. Participate as a member of the community and cooperate in community affairs, as feasible.
7. Present themselves as supportive and loving parent figures.
8. Attend staff meetings when requested.
9. Follow all instructions given by the House Parent for whom they are providing relief.
10. Always promote unity among all staff.


* Education Required: High School Diploma or GED
* Experience Required: Minimum of 1 year experience with children age 6-17 is preferred. Must serve as part of a team. Must be at least 21 or older, be capable of providing leadership to each of the children according to their specific needs, and be physically able to fulfill all responsibilities of the position.

License Required: Valid Georgia or Tennessee Drivers license. (Class II license may be required)

Mercys Door, is an equal opportunity employer and hereby does not discriminate against race, sex, religion, or national origin.

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