Heroes Club

The most common way to sponsor a child is through our Heroes Club. Your membership in the Heroes Club covers the cost of raising one of our children for one full year. Each member pledges $12,000 over a one year period (usually paid in increments of $1,000 per month) to be added to our operating budget. This will cover all of a child’s needs for that year, including clothing, food, toiletries, extracurricular activities, and more. If you are interested in joining the Heroes Club or would like more information, please call (706) 277-4883.

Clothing Donations

We accept slightly used clothing for our clothing closet. Our needs include clothes and shoes for boys and girls age 9-18. You are also able to donate gift cards from local clothing merchants, and our youth will be allowed to shop for the clothes they want and need with help from their house parent. Lastly, you can make financial contributions that can be used specifically for clothing. These donations can be made directly through our website here. If you would like to donate gift cards or clothing, please contact our office at 706-277-4883.

Extra-Curricular Sponsorship

It is important to keep our children active and involved in the community. You can help us by sponsoring a child so they can participate in an extracurricular activity of their choice. The donations you make will be used to help purchase sports gear or hobby supplies and to provide lessons in dance, music, karate, or other activities. You are also welcome to donate specific extra-curricular supplies, such as balls, bats, helmets, paint supplies, instruments and more. For further questions or to make a donation, call 706-277-4883 or donate here.

Allowance and Character Building

One of the unique things about our program is that we are adamant about teaching our youth to build good character traits. We encourage them to participate in random acts of kindness for others. Each child’s allowance is based on his/her level of participation in the character building program and completion of independent living skills through household chores. You can help us motivate our children by sponsoring a child’s allowance each month. To do this, specify that you want to donate to the Allowance and Character Building Program when you donate on the website.

Birthday Celebrations

There are typically 27 children living at Mercy’s Door at a time. With these children coming and going over the course of a year, we celebrate DOZENS of birthdays in any given year. It is important to make these events special, as they would be in a normal home with a family and children. You can help make these birthdays special by giving birthday gifts to a child on his or her birthday! Contact Paula at paulamalone@mercysdoor.net for more information. She can provide you with upcoming birthdays and wish-lists for our youth.

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